Tuesday, January 29, 2008


I did that thing this morning of desperately running alongside a bus as it indicates to pull away. Pounding on the side and then pleading mutely with the driver to let me on, whilst two decks of bored eyes fixed on me trying to mime "I was just here... I've already got my ticket... It's mighty cold out here... Please sir, let me on..." etc. etc.
The road was busy and so the bus was sat there by the stop, jostling outwards, for over a minute. The driver granted me only the slightest shake of his head. It was long enough for me to get embarassed and start pretending that actually I didn't want that bus after all.

I drew this whilst I waited out the forty minutes until the next one.

(photographed and coloured on the next bus)


Beth said...

Wow, hi my name is Beth and you are and amazing artist. I would kill for your bloody talent! ;)

Barry said...

haha thats happened to me a few times before.