Thursday, January 03, 2008

Brighton Am Legend

What do you know, nothing for weeks and now two things in a day. Both animations too.
Here's what I thought might be a good way of getting some quick animation practice. Actually, it's probably taken hours in all. I didn't really give too much thought to the story or any planning really. It's just an idea I had when I watched the I Am Legend trailer last week back when I was actually considering going to watch it.
As it was we went to see the Kite Runner. I found the film really affecting, in a good way, and I wasn't the only one- there was a sobbing teenage girl in the cinema with us who had to be dragged out by her mum because she was so incapacitated by distress (in a good way). Charlotte however, cold emotionless robot that she is, thought it was shit. But then she's read the book, and so she's probably just saying it's inferior so she can sound literary and intelligent.

Here it is. I don't know how to embed it, or even upload it to YouTube so I can get comments on it from American kids. If you do let me know. So you'll have to click

You see, it's all about globalisation and that. I'm like Naomi Klein with a pink and black colour scheme.

Here's the real one:

If you're looking at this via facebook, by the way, bits will be missing. You may have to here to see the original post.

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Greg said...

Jack! Fucking brilliant! Love the I Am Legend and the snapping umbilical cord too. Incidentally, I was just about to post an animation on your facebook that Brendan showed me. A couple actually. They're brilliant, tho you've probably seen the first on Drawn.