Friday, January 19, 2007

Panic Stations

So that Don't Panic competition isn't going too well. I don't know who's voting, but evidently there are several hundred complete idiots out there with not much better to do. So far I've garnered two votes. One from girlfriend Charlotte and one from myself. Our one other friend and housemate Sophie is suspiciously awol. Some the entries are good, but the one's that are winning are all tremendously shit. I mean, this one is almost beyond belief.

Lot's of people are writing dismissive comments calling the whole thing a fix, and I would be leading the calls too if it weren't for the fact that I know someone who knows someone who knows someone who basically is Don't Panic and we tried to fix the competition to no avail. This is a genuinely public vote and thus I am a genuinely shit artist.
As ever, being an anarchistic, rebellious type, I blame the system. You see if you're winning, you get much more exposure, which is half the battle in this game. So you need to amass a load of votes coerced from friends and computer-literate family members at the start, and yours will soon snowball in popularity into the coolest poster since that tennis girl showed her arse. I may even have to put out a shameless myspace bulletin and a facebook note to pull in the votes. Both of which moves, ironically, scream of pure Panic.

In the mean time, here are some more cards. Despite the complete lack of appreciation for my Dreams poster (bar me and Char), I've taken the format on into my, ahem, "commercial work". Here I've just sketched a load of bits and pieces, vaguely to do with birthday celebrations or Brighton or London, and then just put them together and then copied and flipped it all. They're really as easy to make as those butterfly/bat/dead baby pictures psychologist's make by spilling ink and folding the paper in half.

These are London ones.

And these are Brighton ones.

And here's another type of card, the start perhaps of a whole range inspired by my friend Lee who, as the only real lad I know, loves kebabs, alongside Cheryl Tweedy and polo shirts with their collar up.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Two new pictures for the potential expansion of my pretty picture greetings card "business".

Also, I'm going to make these up too, which some of you may have seen before. They're not so great.

And this one, which is quite different not just because it's a photo-manipulation but also because, really, as a card it'll appeal only to teenage idiots. But that's a big market.