Thursday, March 31, 2011

As seen on TV

If you've been watching 'Lily Allen: From Riches to Rags' on Channel 4 (if not, why not?) and reading this blog for the last five years (if not, well, I understand) you may have recognised a framed portrait of a younger Lily as being drawn by a younger me.

There's a lingering shot of it in episode 2 ("The girls hunt for their perfect shop location") which then pans to Lily in the background, possibly trying to leave me a voicemail.

It crops up again in episode 3 ("Opening the shop with a glittering launch night"). This time we can clearly see behind Mary (Queen of Shops) that Lily's print is signed. Not by me though, of course, but by the novelist Nick Hornby. I am indebted to Nick who is clearly happy to sign my work when I'm not around - and I'll be sure scrawl on a couple of copies of High Fidelity next time I'm in Smiths to make up for it.

This story all began back in 2007 when my picture of Lily won a competition for children being run in connection with Nick Hornby's then new novel 'Slam'. This post from back then has more details and plenty of self-conscious witterings, should you be interested.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Sweet Progress

Sweet View, the humble print business selling London prints for London people we launched back in November, is kind of flourishing. We've sold a fair few of our maiden six prints through our website and we're also registering a lot of interest for the next six.

Last week I went out to charming Greenwich and drew this, which will eventually be #7:

Suggestions for a colour scheme are welcome. It should be green, perhaps. Or "gren", as the locals say.

We've been getting some pleasing coverage from across the internet and even, once, in print - in the form of that esteemed organ The Irish World. Also notably the celebrated journalist/author India Knight mentioned us on her blog and tweeted to her 33,000 followers that our prints are LOVELY (in capitals, just like that), which was nice.

Before Christmas we made our market debut in the fashionable Truman Brewery. Or more specifically in an unfashionable back room on the fifth floor of the fashionable Truman Brewery. Our table decorations (fairy lights, 8 clementines) didn't go that far to mask the metal cage that was our stall, but it was kind of fun. Next time (and there will be one soon) we'll know better. And we'll bring chairs.

Many thanks to everyone who has bought our prints or said kind things about them.

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Sketch dump

If for nothing more than to prove I am alive, here's a bunch of drawings.