Monday, March 26, 2012

Sweet View: Hammersmith & Fulham

This weekend we announced our newest Sweet View print: Hammersmith & Fulham. A view of the bridge from that nice bit outside the Blue Anchor and the Rutland Arms.

It's available to buy from the Sweet View site now.

I drew the scene back on a sunny October afternoon from what turned out to be one of the most pleasant of the Sweet spots to draw from: perched in the sun with a pint as opposed to the usual propped-against-a-bin or leaning-awkwardly-against-a-shop-window.

Here are some details:

See for more information and our other 10 London prints.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Cross stitch saturday

A bit of a sketchbook page from last year, animated a bit.

Friday, March 09, 2012

Pomelo Heady

This is a drawing of a hot dog and a cold fish.

I drew these and a few other archetypal foodstuffs as buttons for Pomelo Head, Charlotte's new blog venture. A pomelo is a big citrus fruit, Charlotte is my girlfriend. Pomelo Head documents her culinary adventures. She's long been cooking up the things that normal people either just buy or don't want in the first place - potted crab, bresaola, ostrich egg omelettes - now she's documenting the process too. Once she made me a bag of chocolate raisins to take to the cinema. That was nice.

I even put in fiddly rollover graphics.

To celebrate I've repurposed the icons into a tiling wallpaper as a gift to you:

They all slot together neatly like this:

Do visit Pomelo Head for all the latest eccentric kitchen escapades.

Monday, March 05, 2012

MoS: Edward's Revenge

Recently I went to the Ministry of Stories and watched a gang from Jubilee Primary School make Edward's Revenge.

On this occasion the Minstry's projector - usually a focus for the start of the session - was out of action, so I stepped up to the A-board early on to doodle characters as they were being conjured up. Below is Edward the Magician. His traits were being thrown in mid-drawing: "He's really old" - add beard. "He's evil!" - arched eyebrows. "He's super powerful!" - lightning bolt emanata.

The story goes from Trafalgar Square up to the Ministry itself in Hoxton. Alongside the power-hungry Edward it stars dishevelled King tiger Robin and a werewolf. Here's how it all begins: