Thursday, February 28, 2008

Note too

More Notes for the Underground stuff.

First, a "sexy cupcake" for the cover. To go with a Russell Brand poem ("viddy" here), but not to go with it too much, just in case he withdrew his consent. In which case it would just be a nice, sexy cake.

But no.


Or perhaps...

Which went, finally, to...

And another, this time to go with a story by Richard Milward about a girl who courts a boy who is half mimic octopus. He can kind of shape-shift into various forms, and ends up killing her. You could read it here, but now the ending's been ruined for you.

Looking back at it I think it could be a bit more refined and subtle, but apparently Mr Milward was really pleased with it, so that's nice. Maybe I'll do the cover for his next novel (as long as it can be pink).

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A man wears a suit and sleeps on a bus

A man wears a suit and sleeps on a bus.

I was featured on nice design blog Form Fifty Five the other week, so that was nice.

Monday, February 11, 2008

The wait is over version 4, which I've been wasting my life building over recent weeks, is now "live".
Poke around it and you'll see quite a few bits that for some reason or another never made it onto this blog, including the entire presentation of the Inappropriate Alphabet with covers and a glossary. Though don't be tempted to print it out yourself: piracy funds terrorism and all that.
I saw Juno last night, and it's gone straight in to number one in my personal chart of the recent slew of unplanned-pregnancy comedies, not least for it's charming animated title sequence by Shadowplay.


And this again (see Busted, below) scanned and recoloured for my new currently-under-construction website, which is going to feature a sketchbook section.

Where would I be without public transport?

Thursday, February 07, 2008

IA: X, Y and Z

The final three. I wasn't sure what direction to take these in. Everything in life needs a punch line, and having Z is for zzzz was the idea that made me go ahead with this from the start. For a while I was planning on making the ending more sequential though:
X is in Climax
Y is for Yawn
Z is for Zzzzz...

It's fairly neat but putting X is in is too much of a cop-out to bear.
Y was a real struggle. I got a lot of tips and was looking into Yoni, so to speak, for a while. But yoke works more or less.

Friday, February 01, 2008

Andrew bloody Marrvelous

I've got a lot of time for Andrew Marr.
And I mean that literally: I'm spending an insane six hours a day on public transport.
He often accompanies me via the Start the Week podcast and, more recently, through his History of Modern Britain. I never saw the series, since I am sixth in line to the remote in our household, so reading the book is as close as I can get.
It's like living in the fifties, my life.