Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Nota bene

I had three pieces in the recently launched 'literary free-sheet ' that is Notes from the Underground (or NftUG, as it's parents like to refer to it). The team behind it managed to build up quite a fanfare for their first issue, with coverage from The Bookseller, Radio 4 and nolessthan thelondonpaper.
It's short stories and poetry and a few cartoons: perfect fodder for tube journeys (or taking to the loo), with each entry thoughtfully labeled with it's duration in tube stops (not bowel movements, unfortunately). Lovely.
Look for it on the underground and also in bookshops around London (I've seen it in Foyles and Waterstones). NftUGaaiBSaL, you could say.

A digital-painterly bit to illustrate this story, about a young chap who sells his grandmother as a work of art.

Here's my first crack. It's more of a sketch really.

And one to accompany this tale of a man struggling to deal with the death of his psychiatrist. This one was all a bit last-minute so I didn't let myself think about the concept before I started the drawing, I just assumed I'd think of something funny to write on the tag at the end (I didn't). The tag isn't enough of a focus anyway- they actually ended up cropping the image close round it.

And a strip. I've done one for the second issue aswell. I'm enjoying the self-imposed challenge of comics without speech- very Perry Bible Fellowship inspired.

It's also been on BBC news, I just found out. Look.

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