Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Flash git

Right. I'm back from my Christmas holiday.
Now for a round up of 2007, and a look forward to what we can expect in 2008. Remember Amy Winehouse? Heard of Duffy yet?
That's enough of that.
I went to the Stephen Friedman gallery a while ago to see the David Shrigley exhibition which I think is still going. I'm not a huge fan of his but then he does do weekly Guardian cartoons and has animated a blur video so maybe I am just jealous. The show isn't great, just dozens of marker drawings stapled to the wall like an art room in an orphanage. There was an animation though (On/Off, which can be seen here) which reminded me that I've been meaning to learn to animate: partly inspired by Ratatouille, and partly by the Brazilian Ratatoing (which came first, I wonder?).
I've got Flash, but it's hugely unintuitive and it's taken me ages to get anywhere. Just weeks of circles moving slowly across a screen, and that's it really.
I thought for my first animation I'd try and overtly ape Shirgley's style, rather than pretend in any way I was being original. His formula is basically take no story, make it dark: about death, illness, rejection etc., in text scribble out some letters and use a ruler for straight lines.

Here it is... (refresh if it's finished)

Not too bad, I think. And here's my first walk-cycle, which doesn't really work.

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Stickman said...

You are doing everything right except the right hand should be moving to balance the body.