Wednesday, January 09, 2008

The Vice trap

An unused-commission from Vice magazine to accompany an article about the current wave of electro-whatever chancers jumping on the Justice-bandwagon with far more laptops and silly headwear than any sort of talent. The brief dropped into my inbox at 3am, with a deadline of the very same evening. Trust a magazine called Vice to have such tight deadlines. (Geddit?)

On the day I was working in Oxford, making it extra tight, but I was keen. I sketched a few ideas at lunch and sent them over.

The top left sketch was chosen, and I was pointed towards this kind of thing as a reference:

I got home at 8, and got straight to it. As there was no time for fannying about drafting I cheated and took reference photos of myself. Which isn't really cheating at all, I've decided.

First lines:

Then flats:

Then press the "lighting effects" button on photoshop:

And then a little detail. If you look closely, you can see they're really just playing Justice's album through iTunes.

As I said, they're not going to use it which is a shame. But never mind.

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