Wednesday, October 11, 2006

"Hello World!" and other such nerdisms.

I've got my own sketch blog. I've always wanted one, kind of.

Really I'm just pretty bored and it's raining outside. But hey, I feel sorry for you. You must be really bored if you're actually reading this.
I'm just going to put up sketches I do and maybe some random blog rants all in secret and purely for my own benefit officially. Unofficially I have secret ambitions of being quoted in the Guardian and given hundreds of pounds to make my insights into a hard back book, doesn't everyone?

Since this is my first post, I'll start with some shit recent sketches, so as not to set the bar too high.

This is my living room in my mum's house, and how I spend my dry Saturday evenings as a penniless graduate.

And this is from a train journey I took to Bristol a few days ago. The ticket I stuck on is from a different journey, because I needed the ticket for that journey for that journey, you see? I always see people drawing from life, usually in American coffee shops in films, but can't really handle it. When I was drawing this every time I looked up I was being watched, and my neighbour was shamelessly studying my every line. That coupled with the shaky rails and the obligatory beers-on-the-train (one of the few public places left where you can socially acceptably crack open a Stella any time after midday) make for an altogether sketchy affair.

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Anonymous said...

beers on trains, weeeaaayyy!xx Arron