Monday, April 20, 2009

Mail Me Part Two

Very keen readers of this blog, of which there are of course none, may remember this defaced envelope I posted back in May 2007.

Back then I sent it in to the Mail Me Art, a brief internet thing in which artists and illustrators were invited to send decorated envelopes to an address all in the name of art and that.

I had a lot of spare time back then. I was temping at the time, still the best job I've ever had, in a big public-sector office with the internet and cake afternoons every Thursday.

Fast forward to years later and lo, there's a book about the project.

And continue forward to the contents page, and lo, it says that page 108 of the book features an interview with Jack Noel (cynics can verify this by going on the relevant Amazon page and "searching inside"). That's my name.

Flicking onwards, slightly more excited now, and lo: a double page spread. About me!

I discovered this when I went to see the now-finished exhibition of all the envelopes at the Red Gate Gallery in Brixton.

I had an inkling I may be in the book because I did sign all the relevant release forms many moons ago, but I really didn't expect a full interview. Especially since I'd forgotten answering any questions. This goes some way to explaining why my answers are puerile and stupid. Mercifully the iPhone camera's paltry 2 megapixels make it impossible to read all of what I say in the above picture, but here's a flavour:

What was the inspiration for your submission?
As I was working entirely with half-inched [and then at this point the publishers put in square brackets and translated: "stolen"] stationery, I went for a law enforcement theme. It's all a bit sub-Banksy and embarrassing, but then stealing stationery is about as edgy as I get so I thought I should recognise it.

Have you ever sent mail art prior to taking part in this project?
Previously I was restricted to the usual stuff: writing SWALK, and Postman, Postman, don't delay: eat your cornflakes on the way.
Another pretty funny thing I've done as well is writing London, England (and all that proceeds that) and then further elaborating: Europe, The World, The Milky Way, The Universe... though actually I haven't done that since I was about six.

So there you go. I was childish then, but this weekend I went to an engagement party (Congratulations Sophie and James), and a non-Chirstian peers' engagement at that, and so now am mature.

Plus, I'm in a book that was featured in the Telegraph and in Design Week, so there: mature.

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