Thursday, April 30, 2009

Covered and criticised

You know Covered, right? The blog where people cover comic book covers? No? Where have you been? Outdoors?

I'm telling you, it's the blog sensation taking the world of comic-cover-covers by storm. I'm not entirely sure why, but it is. And I did a cover... and it's on there.

I chose to rework an Elektra cover, probably because really I have a very limited interest in comics but an unlimited interest in Jennifer Garner, to the extent where I'll probably go and see Ghosts of Girlfriends Past in the iMax.

The original artist Greg Horn knows how to make a sexy comic cover. T and A, nunchucks, pumpjacks (those oil things), the words VIOLENT CONTENT... it's all there.

And here's my version, in which the Elektra is played by Kate from Lost.

As an afterthought to a comment on the next days post "WEISSMAN" says he wasn't keen.

Which is nice confusing and depressing.


WEISSMAN said...

I'm sorry, Jack!

I was just teasing my two friends, Robert and Michael, and shouldn't have thrown you under the bus as well (if that means what I think it means)...

You have so much terrific work on your site, please don't let my offhand remark about Elektra spoil your day.

Best - S. Weissman

Jack Noel said...

Hi Weissman,

That's fine, really.

I wasn't actually remotely confused or depressed when I saw your comment. Well, maybe a little confused... but I didn't mind!

The blogosphere, eh? What a world.

Thanks for the kind words, and sorry for the alarm.