Tuesday, May 01, 2007


First, I'd like to strart this blog-post with the usual blog-post opening apologies for the recent lack of blog-posts. I have no excuse (clearly I haven't spent the interlude drafting and re-drafting this blog-post opening).

Nor have I any nice annecdotes to fill the gaps. Oxymoronically I'm basically permanently temping, which despite being utterly thrilling and absolutely brimming with hilarious blog-worthy story-stuff, hasn't left me with any annecdotes I want to detail here. This is partly due to a vestigial guilt from my merciless, um, let's say "satire" of my last office placement (which remained up on screen after my departure), and also partly to do with the fact that I 've told everyone in my new office the details of that exact folly. Now they're positively looking forward to me leaving just so that they can see what I write about them all on here (but only for that reason, mind). So if you want to hear my tales of hour long shits on company time or how my office neighbour hums as he types, then ask me in a pub sometime.

One productive thing I have done whilst working here (yes, I'm at work now) other than earning £8 and then spending £10 an hour online is to cover a whole envelope in a doodle. Now this is standard desk jockey stuff I know, but being arrogant I've deemed mine worthy of entrance into the mail art project at mailmeart.com. It's fairly self explanatory: all the entrants get put in an exhibition online, and eventually offline, and there are some prizes too.

Here is my envelope:

And here is the letter I put inside it (I couldn't quite bring myself to put it on the headed paper):


greg said...

The undeniably beautifying intricacies of your envelope verily pressed purposefully upon the environs of my pleasure centres.

Anonymous said...

my little pony

Greg said...

catch up!