Thursday, January 15, 2009

New year, old idea

The sketch-blog-o-sphere in January is full of people resolving to draw "for themselves" every day in 2009. This year amongst their numbers are some of my favourites like Frank Stockton and Stephen Collins, who's going the extra mile and making his look like finished pieces - rather than just midnight scans of shopping lists or phone doodles - and then putting jokes in too.
Publishing your resolutions - even when your readership is zero - transforms a promise to yourself into a promise to the world and you thus feel more compelled to keep it, or at least more guilty when you don't. Making private resolutions is basically saying "I'd like to do this, but I know I never will...", at least for me.
I too endeavor to do some sketchbook stuff every day in 2009 (except Jan 1-4, for that's when I watch my year's quota of shit movies) and to this end I have bought the nearest thing I could find to a sketchbook-diary hybrid, a Moleskine diary. It was about six times the price of any other day-to-view diaries in Rymans and the fact that I've shelled out over the odds alone should keep me going at least until March.

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Stephen Collins said...

Hello Jack!

These pages are really great, hope to be seeing more of this. Thanks for the nice words, and congratulations on your book. You know we have a mutual friend right? Come to the pub one Tuesday in new cross if you live nearby, would be good to meet you. It used to be a drawing club but only about five of us turn up now so it's not really a club, but I was saying to Katherine you should come along if youfancy it. We still do pub based drawing and it's cheaper than life classes. Anyway hope you're well, or should i say 'PUREE HOLEY OWL'.