Sunday, January 04, 2009

Love Letters, my weighty Magnum Opus of over two years in gestation (really, two years: look) is finally coming to term. And this bit is the the labour bit. I've made a website for the book: and it took bloody ages. It's a labour of love, I guess.

It's all part of my cynical bid to "go viral", ie. promote the book for free from my bedroom. All the ingredients are there for your classic promo-site: a Flash game, presence on a prominent social networking site, downloads, an embedded video... and ta-da! One delicious viral. Now I just sit back and start thinking of puns for my Booker acceptance speech. Or is that like dropping flour and an egg into a bowl and saying ta-da! One delicious cake? Perhaps yes. I'd like Alfie and Betty to be the Crazy Frog of 2009... but how do you beat an amphibian on a motorbike (let alone one with mental health issues)?
It's Darwin's birthday soon, and thinking about Crazy Frog... isn't that just one evolutionary step up from the succesful fish-on-a-bicycle campaign Guinness ran in 1996? So perhaps there's the answer: the next big thing with the kids will be whatever is one-evolutionary-step-up-from-a frog riding whatever-is-one-evolutionary-step-up-from-a-motorbike... an iguana in a helicopter, say. Don't skip a step though: one day we'll be ready for primates in rocket-ships, but not yet. Space Chimps taught us that much.


prettyneons said...

Hello's...just stopping by to say how your blog is way way too addictive and has slowly become part of my daily routine. *Stop it already, haha!

Matthew Smith said...

congrats! well done!!