Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Gash back

An emergency flyer with a brief brief.

Can we have a flyer:
  • * With anything you like on it, as long as it looks amazing
  • * That shows that Florence and the Machine might play without saying it, as she may or may not be the special guest
  • * That's on the theme of "the 90s", as in the decade, as that may or may not be the theme
  • * All in the next ten minutes

No time to think or sketch (or live my own life). I instantly threw this up, bringing in flora and a 90s machine (see what I've done there?).

Then I did the old colour-switcheroo

  • * When we said anything you like, we meant put in the gash logo

1 comment:

Stephen Collins said...


That's a nightmare client and a half. And your logo looked ten times better than theirs. Still turned out nice though!