Monday, July 23, 2007


There wasn't much work for me to do at work today, which is a bit annoying what with the sweaty slightly-hungover three hour commute I made in for it at half six this morning. Getting up so early really does mean you get to see the best part of the day, it's just that I'm invariably too tired to enjoy it. This morning I spent the whole time I was "catching the worm" (not to be confused with burping the worm) desperately scrabbling to remember my dream from the night before and, specifically, the joke I told Lily Allen in it that made her fall in love with me (the punchline is "I believe that he's called Alf Resco...")
Luckily though mine is not the kind of work where you're given some pointless task like alphabeticising the junk mail just for the sake of having something to do, so I was free to just read the blogs of strangers about cats and their correspondance with Argos and play around in CS3 (it's not that different).
This morning I bought a digital arts magazine in Victoria station, and almost immediately started weeping with it's shitness. I should have taken the six pounds I spent on it and with them paid the London Lite man to roll up one of his awful papers and repeatedly poke me in the eye with it. It's that bad: about a dozen glossy pages of trite vector illustrations of skulls and cutesy pirates and a free CD containing a video of the three designers it features every issue and the editor pointing and laughing at you. Anyway, the theme of the issue is collaboration and this reminded me: I've been meaning to work with Greg now for a while, whether he knows about it or not.

Greg, my old housemate, put this pencil drawing of his girlfriend on his blog and claims that he plans on adding to it soon, but I know (from loitering on his facebook and myspace pages- that's right, he has both) that his life is a bohemian blur, as flooded with friends as Gloucestershire is with floods, and he'll probably never get around to it. So whilst I was not working at work, I started idly adding colour and textures to it.
It felt a bit weird working with the loving drawing of Sara, and is probably the kind of thing I should be doing for my own girlfriend instead. Still, Sara is quite lovely. I'm sure I could make her fall in love with me if I could just remember that bloody Alf Resco joke.

There's really no skill or attention required to colour something in like this, it just involves several layers and an internet connection for stealing textures.

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