Tuesday, July 24, 2007


jacknoel.co.uk 2.0 is live. (Though I'm not sure about that numbering system, or my use of the word "live"). It's still pretty lo-fi and shoddy. It's built almost entirely around a free programme, Simpleviewer, which basically makes a whole flash website for you in about six seconds, but it's not too bad. Considering it's all made by me, just a mere boy.

The 'big idea' is the concept of a sandwich. It's a kind of recurring motif from my comic strips dating back to this, my first proper strip, which also conveniently symbolises the coming togeher of many different elements combining to make a better whole. Which is what I do you see, you know: combine average drawing skills, a puerile sense of humour, a naive world view and a dose of completely unjustified self-importance.
This blog, you'll see above, is the bacon. The idea was to have each gallery as a filling bookended in the menu by a 'home' and an 'about' as slices of brown bread, stupidly though I didn't put in enough fillings and so had to sacrifice the home button.
Oh well, have a look, and tell me what you think will you?

(just click the sandwich to go there).

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Greg said...

Yes! Brilliant...