Sunday, March 04, 2007

Strip Show Special

Some strips. I don't know why I stopped doing these for such a long time. I guess they're fun to write, that takes all of ten seconds, but then to draw them isn't all that exciting and takes about ten hours. I don't know though. I like them. When I get a good arsenal I'm going to try sending them off to people. Maybe newspapers, maybe magazines, maybe though just to members of the public, just to see what happens.

This one I did a long time ago, and I think I drew it in a relevant state, hence it's shitness. I've done alternative versions, repacing "comedown" with "hangover". Clever, eh?
Home Coming Down


Skinny latte


Anonymous said...

good to see you've got back on the case with the blog. my f5 button is pretty much destroyed after all the fruitless refreshing ive done here over the past few weeks, but it all seems worth it now.
i like these strips, although in the posies one you need to add alot more arse-hair. who are you trying to kid?

Henry James said...

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