Friday, March 23, 2007

I ♥ pink & yellow... & dogs

This post requires a little secrecy, since it's all for a project so secret that even I know nothing about the whats and the whys.

I was asked by, oh, let's say person X to do something about dogs in London. Deft interrogation on my part failed to establish what kind of something she really wanted, but amidst all the self-destructing tapes and coded telegrams I did garner two contradictory clues. One said make it a cool, street, urban type image, and the other said make it a fun cartoon about a dogs guide to London. Not having the skill to reconcile these two briefs I simply came up with two answers.

This one I did first. It's the "cool" one, by the way.

It's cool because it looks like a shitty 'zine, you see. I was really proud of it when I first did it, but the two people I've shown it to so far have met it with such keen disinterest they practically fell asleep right there and then, so maybe it's rubbish.

And here's the dog's guide to London. I really didn't know how to handle this, knowing almost as little about dogs as I do about London. Instead of just redrawing some of my own cartoon strips with myself sporting a wet nose, I went instead into pun megadrive, straining for the lowest possible common denominator and often hitting way below it. I think it may be because I've also been recently trying to make some comic strips for kids too.

I'm actually embarassed by the shitness of it. "He says paws instead of pause! He's a dog! Geddit!? Eh? Eh?..." but apparently the "clients" at the other end liked it, and have asked for more. Isn't that odd?

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