Friday, March 02, 2007

And now a flurry...

This blog is like a cheap fence, flimsy and meaningless and with such a distance between the posts. Now it almost feels awkward, wrong. I've forgotten how to write for it. Who am I writing for? Why?
With my last post (now deleted) having no picture ready I tried to write a little something. Something pitched somewhere between a diary and a stand-up routine. Jumbling basic truths of real-life with crude charicatures from my last job I tried to paint an entertaining picture of grim office life in a bid for an entertaining aside. It came out cruel and misjudged though, which I felt really bad about. Especially when those involved-who I actually really liked and got on with- read it. I learnt a real lesson that day. About the ol' Blogosphere, about relationships, about being a grown-up...
This is a sketch blog, designed to chart my artistic development over the months, the years. So I'll put up some more pictures.
We're online by the way now. My life is panning out pretty much exactly like Kris Marshall's in those series of BT adverts, that is, we've got a homehub.

Anyway, here's the first. For Arron's Bristol Indie night, Entertainment.

Apparently the title was too small, and they needed an UBU logo, though, so I reworked it to this. I really regret the grey stars, though. They're intended for neon paper, for leaflets, by the way, which should make them stand out a bit more.

And here's a Pavilion picture I've been struggling with for ages. I took a load of cards round Brighton the other week, actually, and this was one of the most succesful. I got a couple of orders, but I think I'm going to wind up Jack Noel Card Co., for a bit. At least until I think of a snappier name, anyway.

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Greg said...

Heh, now a flurry...nice new look by the way. It's sort of a visual confirmation of your maturing in the world of the blog. Or something. That's not how you spell caricature though.

But I really like the Entertainment poster and the second one works better anyway. I think black and white work is good for the soul, helps you concentrate. Oh and the new strips are good, i like the oily pores one especially for some reason. Except I can't be arsed to write two comments. Sorry.