Monday, November 05, 2012

Never Mind the B-Locks

Yesterday the Oberver announced the winner and runner-up of this years Graphic Short Story prize. I entered and curiously wasn't mentioned, so I presume I came in third.

Congratulations to Corban Wilkin for his winner and to Steve Tillotson for his perfectly-paced runner-up I, Yeti which captures, among other things, a melancholy foot-to-the-groin beautifully.

Here's mine. I wrote, inked, scanned and coloured the whole thing in one night after work ... and it shows, so I'm not too bitter about losing (read: still deeply bitter).


bird said...

I read this to the end, which I didn't for the one that won. Nice work.

Jack Noel said...

Thanks Bird man!
Did you enter too?
The winner was pretty strong though, and the Yeti one too. This wasn't quite up to scratch...