Thursday, October 25, 2012

MoS: The Adventures of Ice Dragon and Sally

This morning I went to the Ministry of Stories along with 20 kids from Vittoria Primary School. They wrote a story about an Ice Dragon (a dragon made out of ice that breathes ice instead of fire) and a lady turtle. I drew the pictures.

Once upon a time in a cold river lived an underwater creature called Ice Dragon and his friend called Sally, a sea turtle. Ice Dragon was very cold. Sally had a very difficult time finding Ice Dragon because he didn’t like anyone and Ice Dragon could blend into the colour of the water.

Sally said, “Ice Dragon Ice Dragon, where are you Ice Dragon?”

“I don’t have enough time, I need to swim back into the water,” said Ice Dragon. When they found each other they played together.

Someone went fishing and there were chips and a banana in the water.

Sally swam up to the top and grabbed onto the food.   The fisherman reeled the banana up and Sally suddenly got pulled out of the water and struggled to breathe.

Ice Dragon said “I’ll save you Sally!”...

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