Wednesday, February 01, 2012

On the All Night Diner

I gave a framed print of this drawing of the All Night Diner to mother for Christmas. It's what she asked for, for some reason.

The All Night Diner is a nocturnal greasy-spoon much loved by Brighton residents since it opened in 1975 by one man with a dream:

The Market Diner, as it is almost never known, is all things to all men (all night). It will welcome you into its sticky embrace whether you are looking for a greasy-spoon after-party or to curtail your evening out with the humble solace of ham, 2 eggs and chips (£4.90).

It is home to the legendary Gut Buster (£5.90). Truly: legendary. There's even a song about it. 'Theme from Gutbuster' by Bentley Rhythm Ace rocked the UK charts in May 2000 - just pipped to the top slot by Billie Piper's 'Day and Night' (and 27 other songs). To this day it is probably the best bit of breakfast-based music ever made bar the Coco Pops theme tune and 'Golden Brown' by The Stranglers, which is about toast.

The Gut Buster basically a normal Full English made worse with the addition of a burger and chips.

They have recently tried to extend their Buster brand with the Mega Buster, which is probably the same but with yet another complete meal added into the mix.

And that is everything I have to say about the All Night Diner. Good night!

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