Thursday, February 16, 2012


I illustrated 'Character Building' by Anna Rowena Bowers, for Ferment Zine issue four.

I really liked the poem from the off, a sweeping amorphous aubade to creation, cosmetics and town-planning, but I did have to read it about nine times before I could glean a cohesive meaning. I also had to look-up most of its constituent words including auriferous (got gold in it), megalopolis (big city), aubade (am version of serenade) and omphalos (still not really sure).

Ferment is  a creative writing / illustration zine printed in a limited run like a nice newspaper and done up with a ribbon like a present. It's a proper thing to enjoy and holding it open before you makes you feel like a dad at the breakfast table. I like it.

Thanks to Sarah for inviting me on board!

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