Friday, January 22, 2010

Daily Draw some more

weekend. It was so quiet I can't even capitalise the word. There's nothing like a 30 page form and then a ginormous tax bill at the end of it to suck the fun out of what is already the world's most depressing month.

Like true adults, we went to see a play on Monday. About something to do with the economy. In London's fashionable West End. Sadly unlike adults we both secretly think that the theatre pales in comparison to films, tv or even adverts. I even caught Charlotte putting her head back and closing her eyes to sleep at one point.

Bronson is like a two hour advert for moustaches. They criticise it for glamourising violence but what it does for face rugs is far worse, I'd say.

And I've just realised I haven't posted these two sketch book spreads from last week. Looking at them though, it's obvious why.

Even I can't tell what's going on in this one.

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Isabel said...

good to discover your blog love the sketches and your comments a lot