Monday, January 04, 2010

Daily Draw: 07.08 - 31.12

Back from finding myself in Colombia, I had a lot of Strictly Come Dancing to catch up with.

I didn't actually draw much in December, but I feel compelled to post these pages for the sake of completion.

Actually on this day I lost my sketchbook - I left it, along with the rest of my backpack, on the floor of a Wetherspoons and thought it long gone.

I even began to despair a little bit.

Though in fact some kind soul had already handed it in to the staff.

They eventually contacted me, and I arranged to collect it at my earliest convenience.

But as each day passed, pages and pages were left blank. I kind of hoped it would eventually come back to me filled with exciting sketches of Wetherspoons life, but alas.

Perhaps I needn't have posted all of these...

I got a new watch and some garish new pens for Christmas.

Then went back down to Brighton for the festive period. Going home really means leafing through old copies of the Evening Argus (POSTMAN BEATEN BY LAVENDER BUSH etc.) at the kitchen table whilst mother stands over the hob frying things for me. Christmas is no different.

And we had a nice Christmas day, despite Christmas eve turning out to be a bigger night than New Years.

Something else being fried.

And we're done.

So there you go. A whole year of drawing almost every day. 12 months. 162 backs of heads. 112 tv sets. 7 countries. 3 funerals. 1 operation and not that much more.

I'm going to do the same for 2KX, as the kids probably say, but change the rules a bit ie. allowing myself to do a bit of computer colouring and such. It is the future now, after all.

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