Thursday, September 17, 2009

Think About It

Don't Even Think About It, the Richard Wilson book I illustrated earlier this year (see previously), is out now.

And I only found this out when I stumbled across the book in Sainsburys a few days ago. I hadn't even seen a copy before then. For all I know it could have been released weeks ago amidst a flurry of Dan Brown style fanfare, with copies in guarded cases until midnight on the release date, and me having just missed it all - probably because I've been so busy getting excited about The Lost Symbol.

It's all about Professor Robert Langdon uncovering a secret cult of computer game kids that have discovered the secret to infinite extra lives and then hidden it in a shoebox. From the front, it looks like this:

And from the back, like this:

And the official blurb looks like this:

It started with sketches. I quite like the one on the left, but the middle one was chosen as it strengthens the connection with the first book.

And this was the next step. The young chap looked too ill, apparently.

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