Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Daily Draw: 19.08.09 - 01.09.09

This week I moved house, and in the process my sketchbook was sealed in a suitcase for several days with a couple of vestigial power chargers and some wooly jumpers I never wear - that is boxed up with all the other useless tat Im doomed to cart around with me for the rest of my life - and so I didn't draw on those days.

I've moved now, temporarily, into Charlotte's house. I'm not sure if anyone's noticed yet though, since I was always around anyway. Indeed I was on this pre-move Thursday while a lot of attempted guitar playing was going on, as it often does.

When we were on holiday both Charlotte and I read Waste by Tristram Stuart, about the "global food scandal" (summary: everyone's wasting food, particularly supermarkets, and it's bad). The book has changed our lives, not least by making us very bad dinner guests as we doggedly misquote waste statistics at anyone near us. We even tried a bit of freeganing (aka dumpster diving), and managed to liberate a couple of cartons of Orange Juice from the back of the Kings Road M&S.

And look, on the bbq: sustainable fish from a proper fishmongers.

And then the empty days begin...

... and then I'm installed. It's nice here (temporarily).

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Tin Salamunic said...

kickass doodlage man!...very nice :)