Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Pete Doherty: half man, half man

Here's a picture I did months ago for a Notes from the Underground short story. I was politely waiting for it to be published before posting it, but the paper is on ice whilst they try and secure arts council funding, or something... and I've got to put something up, right? It's been weeks.
The story is about Pete Doherty (once of the Libertines, now of the gossip columns) upon his death giving up his cadaver for Modern Art, and specifically for a Damien Hirst-style halving-and-pickling.
Here's the sketch:

And here's the final:

It's all came out a bit blue and insipid, but I kind of like it. The composition isn't really done as it's awaiting the text of the story to go between the halves, so it'll be interesting to see how it finally looks in the paper.
I'm currently rebuilding my portfolio website so that it can include in it some of my design work, and it looks this image may come in handy as the basis of the splash page. It's often said that Pete and I look alike (see right- he, on the left, deliriously happy on a cocktail of class As, me, right, quite content with a Scotch egg) so I can pass it off as a self-portrait. The division conveniently serves to represent the division within me as part designer, part illustrator (and part pretentious loser, as represented by the negative form in between).
Here's a sneak preview... yawn with your mouths closed please.

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Greg said...

Yay! Back to the old fliparoo Jack Noel logo. Looks really good, too. It'll be a really nice front page.