Sunday, June 29, 2008

Gash for Cash*

Gash is a night at the Macbeth pub in Hoxton, most famous probably for being the scene of a kerfuffle involving Mr. Amy Winehouse, or something (though I guess she can handle herself well enough... all the drugs are turning her into John Prescott).
I was asked to help out with a flyer design, working with their established colour scheme and all-by-hand faux-amateur/amateur style. Something to do with young ladies sporting wounds, they said, or skulls. Or girls with skulls. Or skulls with wounds. Or ladies with their faces dripping off revealing their skulls...
I kind of like this first rough design (with all the wording to be later replaced by hand-type):

But not so much this one:

Nor this:

Or this:

They wanted something more like a good doodle, I was then told... so in twenty minutes did this one:

But in the end went with something like this:

I think I'm happy with it.

*Gash for Cash is entirely inappropriate of course: I wasn't paid. But it's amazing how many more hits come through Google with a post heading like that.


Greg said...

You should definitely get paid dude! ;)

Greg said...

But then you're obviously not having any problems, just seen your logos and design work. It all looks really professional. Awesome!