Wednesday, May 14, 2008

My type of arse

Whilst I was at school I went through a phase, between the ages of about nine and twenty one, of idling away the time by elaborately writing out silly words like Arse in the margins of my work. Now I'm twenty three (and-a-half) and I've just finished my first book cover... which has the word Arse elaborately written across as a principal feature (that's what they asked for). So I guess I wasn't wasting everyone's time after all, was I? (I'm talking to you now, Ms Mykytiuk).
Here's two of the versions I've done.

It's all quite exciting. I can't put the whole cover up yet so this will have to do. I'm also doing 25 illustrations for inside the book. Exciting.

In other news, I sent an email into radio 6 several weeks ago and Nemone read it out. You can listen to it if you want, though it's really not that interesting.

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