Friday, May 02, 2008

As seen in a magazine

If you buy (for six pounds) or go into Borders and look at (for no pounds) the May issue of Computer Arts magazine (apparently the world's best-selling creative magazine), and flick to the Exposure section towards the back, you'll see an embarrassing whole page devoted to me.

Months ago they asked me to send in a brief bio and a bit of description some of my images... so I duly sent in a barrage of tenuously strung together puns, thinking I was pretty funny. When I was finally exposed however- reportedly just like everyone else who's ever reported in the media- I found my carefully constructed lines were all chopped up and taken out of context so that all the funny that they had in them (which really wasn't much to start with) was sucked out. Then to top it off they took the one thing I'm trying to escape, my accidental maths degree, and made it a pull-out quote.
"Maths isn't an obvious degree with which to proceed into an illustration career..."

But still, I was in a magazine. That was nice.


Greg said...

Woohoo! Good work :)

Greg said...

oh and is it possible to see that Harrods thing bigger anywhere? it looks good...

spleenal said...

nobody reads that crap anyway
They just look at the lovey pictures