Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The Snow Child

The Introduction to Illustration course I was doing has finished finally. It's a shame, but more because now I'm actually doing nothing rather than anything else.
This is the last thing I did, the only thing resembling a 'piece' to emerge from the course. It's an illustration for this magical realist story, The Snow Child, by Angela Carter. Here, you can read it if you're that bored. It's quite good.


Anonymous said...

Me and her must use the same hair gel.


greg Hannan said...

i said it before (i think) and i'll say it again (or for the first time) those birds are ACE. nice linework. and colours. oh and the composition too...:)

Anonymous said...

Jacky! When have the royal family ever been involved in paedophilia? Stop being such a bloody lefty.
Also it is spelt rIdiculous.

Anonymous said...

hey jack,

this is by far my favourite..... it's fucking average!!!

love love,

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