Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Maddy asked me to help out with the artwork for her new EP or whatever it is. She has a lovely singing voice, a kind of Nina Simone meets Scooby-doo in Beth Ortons basement, all lit by candles, and then they discuss true love through blinks and stomach rumbles. That sounds rediculous but when I was at Ninja Tune that's how some of the people actually spoke. It was doubly confusing when all I'd asked is if they take sugar in their tea.
So here it is (I didn't take the photo though). Seagull's for Brighton, umbrellas for the constant weather metaphors and pink flowers for the fact that she's a girl.


Anonymous said...

did you get a five year old to proof read that last post, jack?
and nice photo of maddy there, who'd have thought you could make her look hot?
love lee

Anonymous said...

jack I love your way with words. scooby doo meets nin simone lololol

love the other jack x

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