Sunday, March 03, 2013

Press round-up

Jack Noel cross-media penetration went up from zero to some back in January when I featured not only on a website but also in the national press. I was interviewed about my job for the Reading Agency and then quoted talking about book design in The Independent. And if you read the former you'll soon see how ill-qualified I was to do the latter.

You can read the interview here. Below is the original drawing. I have no idea if the back of my head actually looks like this, though I gather there's actually a lot less hair there than I've shown.

I'm buried in this short Independent article about the chick-lit-ish new cover for The Bell Jar.

Sadly my one "joke" was cut from the print edition, but somehow it did sneak in to the online version.

And, in case you still missed it, here's the punch line again. Because I may never see one of mine rendered in the proper press ever again.

Oh, go on then ... once more:
Eh? Eh? Geddit?

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