Thursday, January 12, 2012

Pop strips

I made some comics about pop stars of the day.

Actually by all accounts they are nice young boys done good.

Azaelia Banks (who is rude) went to the same NY fame academy as Nicki Minaj. Everyone likes to play up their rivalry, or at least call Banks "the new Nicki" as there can only be one young sass-factory in hip hop at any given moment.

The Weeknd was one of the most buzz-worthy pop people of 2011 because in that one year he released a trio of highly acclaimed and much downloaded albums ... all for free. He also apparently hates the idea of touring so how he will monetize his mega-kudos without completely selling out has become one of the great mysteries of the modern age.
That said, it is a bit nuts how you sometimes hear of him spoken about as a lone wolf creator type when actually there is obviously a team behind him working on (and paying for) his websites and videos etc. so there's probably a business plan back there too, no doubt with a Nike megamix and a Mastercard ad in there along the way.

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