Saturday, May 21, 2011

Bartman, covered

Another cover. This time I took this Bartman cover:

And covered it - for the Covered blog - to make this:

Reading Bartman comics as a clueless twleve year old in Brighton, I never really understood how he fits in to the Simpsons universe. It's only now with the help of Wikipedia I realise that, well, he doesn't really. Which is fine.

My previous Covered contribution can be seen here.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

This Is England covered by me

I covered the This Is England poster for the Ritzy 100 poster competition. (Prize: 50 tickets to see X-Men: First Class...)

I begun by pencilling a fairly faithful rendition of Woody's round up gang. Then I realised I was being bloody boring and so starting getting a bit "quirky" with the type.

Then I put some hilarious in-jokes that even I don't get into the winners wreaths and replaced the review snippets with quotes from the movie.

Then I coloured it in green and pink. The colours of a sure-fire winner, no doubt. (Click it to embiggen.)

I think I was being a bit literal in my interpretation of the brief ("Recreate a film poster in your own unique style.") The other entrants have all just created a brand new poster, which is much better (well, except for the minimalist ones).

Monday, May 16, 2011

Ninja Tune and Big Dada Showcase

Here's a poster I made for a Ninja Tune/Big Dada showcase night last week, part of the Great Escape festival in Brighton. I made the type into a box, which is supposed to be a bit like a showcase. Geddit? It's like a basics revisioning of that great Well Deep artwork Oscar and Ewan did a couple of years ago for the same label.

I didn't go, but I do like old Dels.

I made the box-thing by using some high-tech Illustrator techniques, mapping art onto a three-dimensional wireframe structure just like Jeff Bridges in Tron (I assume that's what happens).

Reduced Taste the Difference pizza for dinner, reduced Fruit Loaf for afters.