Thursday, October 20, 2011

How Not to Talk Like an Arse

How Not to Talk Like an Arse (available now) is the third book in the Richard Wilson's Arse trilogy, and the third one that I've illustrated. This time Richard's turning his grumpy old eye to the modern day vernacular, pouring a bucket of scorn on words like 'Ciao', 'Hurting', 'Staycation' - and then a bigger bucket on the people that say them.

Here are some of the drawings:

This one is Mark Lawrenson and the Chuckle Brothers combining to make a commentary dream team.

And here's "Man despairs as fellow passenger reads chick lit".
Something to do with "Any Time Soon".
An Apprentice contestant type (invariably the worst offenders, apparently) and that great Keysian phrase. The banana is something to do with alpha males (gorillas or penises or both).
An über-mum.
An über-mum sketch from when I didn't understand what we were talking about.
This one's obvious really.
News reader wears a scarf tied in the "new way". My joke headline that got a swift axeing: "SCARF ACE" (fair enough).
Clapham tosser does pistol fingers.
Theresa May in space (please forward on to Political Cartoonist of the Year Awards).
Power lady lulled to sleep by glowing devices.
That great portmanteau that noone has ever said.
And, er, that's it.

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