Monday, April 04, 2011

A daffodil on a bicycle

A daffodil because that's mother's flower of choice and a bicycle because on Mothering Saturday I, along with a peloton of other devoted sons and daughters, cycled from London to Brighton to hand deliver my Mothering Sunday card. (With this picture on the front.)
We did underestimate the ride a little - it ended up taking us nine hours. I had printed out Google maps so small that you couldn't read any road names so we were left following homing instincts and using the sun for navigation. We ended up taking our silly London road bikes through a forest and made several fraught crossings of the M25. Not quite the Corinne Bailey Rae video I had envisioned, but close enough.

The route we were trying for is this one. And if you're ever inclined to do a similar journey then I'd definitely recommend a stop at The Bell in Outwood for burgers and pints. It pretty much saved our lives.

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gracey said...

this is interesting bike drawing :)