Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Post Christmas

So that was Christmas, and what have we done? Well, I done some pictures for my parents.

Here's a picture I drew of the peace statue that marks the Brighton/Hove boundary, an invisible line that harks back to before Brighton and Hove teamed up to become a city. In the background is the skeleton of the West Pier, a popular meeting point for starlings. On the horizon is Brighton Pier where, growing up, I had fish and chips with my grandparents every year on my birthday. That was back when it was called the Palace Pier, which was later deemed too confusing for tourists.

In the foreground is my dad and sister adjusting their rollerblades. My dad bought a Kangaroo Poo brand short-sleeved fleece jumper from a discount store in Cornwall in the early nineties and has worn it almost every day since. He was wearing it when he unwrapped this picture for Christmas on Saturday.

I used a pencil rather than my usual pen which gives the lines an undeniable pencilly quality.

Mother received a screen print I made of some old rope. I later heard her telling her friends that I'd given her "a lovely frame" and so I guess it's not really her cup of tea. She did seem quite pleased with the frame though.

Turkey soup for lunch, Turkey Hash for dinner.

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