Saturday, November 13, 2010


Well, I certainly was glad to open my virtual newspaper to see Stephen Collins as this years winner of the X-Factor-of-the-comics-world that is the Observer Graphic Short Story prize. If you ask me, as nobody ever does, no comics person deserves that cool £1000 more. And, as you ask, I'd also say that if you've got a week or two to kill you could do worse than reading through his last four years of funny bloggery. This post is a good place to start "That's if they even have shoulders..." Ah, rofl etc.

And - again, since you asked - I featured alongside him once. In Solipsistic Pop 2, no less. An organ Top Shelf said was "almost all hit" and even went as far as to imply that mine was one of the good ones.

Here's my four page opus in full:

Solipsistic Pop 3 is out now too. I'm not in it but by all accounts it's the best yet, so that's nice.

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