Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Spanish in Sketches

I've been learning Spanish for a little while now. I'm not sure why exactly but it's pretty satisfying nonetheless.

In a bid to widen my vocabulary I've been drawing words to cement them into my memory, and then sticking them up on this blog. They say it's a good way of learning as drawing is "a language without code". So for example, the word for shell is concha:

It's a fine trick for words like shell, brick or mouse but sadly I may never memorise the Spanish word for dignity.


Jane said...

Hey Jack - just saw your cover art to this week's Le Cool - do you have a newsletter or something - I'd really like to buy a print when they're on sale. Please email me (lostlookingforfish at if you have a sec.

Many thanks - your portfolio is inspiringly diverse!


Anonymous said...

I think your idea is excellent! I'd definitely look into it to learn a new language.And your sketches are really cool as well. Keep inspiring!