Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Daily Draw: No more

Both of my regular readers (mother, girlfriend) will have noticed a lack of posts of late. Not least because I've stopped doing Daily Draw which has made up the bread and butter posts of this blog (boring, of low nutritional value) for the last 15 months: a series of sketchbook spreads in which I drew something every day. A television or a commuter's bald spot usually, though the limited range of subjects belie the strain of deciding upon one interesting enough to draw each day, and it all began to stress me out. So it not being quite worth having a breakdown over, I just quit it.

These are my last few.

Charlotte writing her own diary.

Some Polish guys and the White Cross in Richmond.

The Wrestler, on a laptop and Alexa Chung, on a magazine.

Some soup.

Some vegetables.

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