Thursday, June 25, 2009

Gash!: Redacted

It was fun last time, referencing the news in the Gash! flyer.

For the latest one, I was thinking bigger: the Iranian elections, no less. Perhaps a flyer for a small clubnight in Hoxton would be the straw that would break Ahmadinejad's back and revolution would come. I had an amazing idea for a skeletal jack-in-the-ballot-box that could just do it. It was such a good idea in fact, it could never be mine. When I realised I was just bastardising something from the very-talented Morland, I scrapped it. And I had no other ideas... what do I know about politics anyway? Who do you think I am, Jarvis Cocker?

I was reluctant to go back to the MPs expenses thing, but it has rumbled on a bit and the more recent developments - the distinct graphic black boxes of the redacted expenses forms - apply themselves very easily (and are quick to draw). I based the composition on the House of Commons logo, drew a flyer and then drew black squares over it. I'm not sure how subtle it is - to me it seems bloody obvious what I'm referencing but the two people I've shown it to so far had no idea, so who knows.

Here it is:

There's a round-up of the many more sensible and wittier interpretations of the black boxes in cartoons at The Bloghorn. So this one's not so original either then... still, if I was to do it again now, I'd inevitably do a Michael Jackson skeleton. So it's probably for the best I missed that one.

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