Thursday, February 05, 2009

Love Letters Launch

On Monday, 2 February 2009 - formerly Groundhog Day, now, perhaps, Alfie-and-Betty day - Love Letters: A very adult alphabet book was released unto the world. Britain was so excited that the day was pretty much instantaneously declared a national holiday: schools closed, white statues of commemoration sprung up across the country and God himself showed his approval by making it snow.

Tonight is the Launch Celebration. It's in London, after work. Here are the details if you fancy coming along.

Apparently as yet no sales figures have come back (I hope that doesn't just mean that "no-sales" figures have come back) but I have been sticking my head into Borders and Waterstones branches across the South to make sure they're displayed correctly.

Have you seen the new Anova catalogue? We're on the Portico title spread, so that's nice.

And thanks to Emily Carrington-Wood, WATERSTONE'S PLYMOUTH DRAKECIR for my first five star "review".

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