Wednesday, November 05, 2008

We're just like Mitchell and Webb, we are

Here's Charlotte cooking and criticising her computer, her two main interests. When she cooks she gives a running commentary suffused with passion because, she always tells me, I have no interest in food and because she knows it all: she has read all the books and never missed an episode of Jamie at Home. When she criticises her computer she is really critisicing me because when she bought it I was sent to PC World to collect it and somehow I got the wrong one (so fair enough really). And when it doesn't work all I can tell her is how you'd fix it if it was an Apple Mac (take it to the Genius Bar), which must be pretty annoying.
This sketchbook page is from the day before yesterday, 3 November, which is our three-year anniversary. After all this time I still can't really get a good likeness. This could be because it's impossible to get a good likeness of someone you love, but I wouldn't know. I've never been in love before -never really had a girlfriend before- so it could just be because I'm shit at drawing.
But all this seems silly now: cooking and computers and courting... Obama won! And by a long way, too. Yes we can, yes, we did etc.

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