Tuesday, August 26, 2008

What I did on my holidays

I've been away for a while. And not just AFK, as they say in Second Life. Genuinely away: out of the country. Out of the office, even, meriting email autoreplies (if I had remembered to set it).

We (me, Char and five of Char's school friends: Henry, Hugh, Jess, Mark & Sophie) went to Saint Julien en Born, a little French hamlet (a jambon-let, you might say) somewhere between Biarritz and Bourdeaux.

There was a beach, Contis Plage I think it's called.

We were camping amidst a pine forest which was kind of idyllic when the sun was shining (which it was for about half the time). I was pretty much raised under canvas and so was ready for some of the vicissitudes of tent life and the others were fine with it too. Char on the other hand seemed to have completely misunderstood the object of the exercise. At one point early on becoming hysterical and bawling "We're living like tramps!".
It was what those in the camping game call a tents moment, probably.

There's nothing more tempting than a big red sign sticking out of the ocean saying "BAINE: COURANT VIOLENT".

It really was a great holiday.

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