Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Threadless: usbso-so

There's something compulsive about the ongoing-tshirt-design-competition at Threadless.com. It's like smoking: a waste of time and effort that leaves you tired and depressed, and that doesn't even have the kudos associated to it that it once did.
There are so many entries, combined with the questionable taste of those who actually bother to vote on these things, that your chances of success are pretty much slim to none. And even when you get a reasonably high score (as I did with this one) there's still no guarantee of your design getting printed.
It's the comments (and the vague chance of winning $2000, about £30 these days, if you win) that keeps suckers coming back.
You end up checking compulsively, buoyed by the adolescent Wisconsin goth who claims to have laughed out loud, assuming that the silent majority are in agreement with her.
But I never want to waste too much time, and so only ever submit pretty-average coloured doodles and awful concepts... which is of course even more of a waste of time.
This week:

My Threadless.com Submission

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