Tuesday, December 04, 2007


For my OMG WTF BFF Beatrice's birthday gift, I thought I'd print a design of mine onto a T-shirt. She like's seafood, cooking it and eating it, and I like drawing dead fish so I thought I'd do something around that.
I started with this ink drawing.

Then I coloured in the lines, thinking a light minimal colour-scheme would suit a T-shirt.

But it all looked a bit too light and minimal, so I blocked in the colours.

It was around this point it was brought to my attention that there are some differences between boys and girls. Girls, I was reminded, have breasts. And their shirts have complicated and cryptically named necklines: scoops and vs and queen annes and halters. These things mean that trying to put a design on a t-shirt for them is to enter a strange and confusing world, as difficult as gift-wrapping a bicycle. Also no girl really wants the phrase "I like fishfood" across their chest. Given these factors, I decided I'd make the design into a kind of art print instead.
So I put some gradients and bitmap overlays in over the flats to add interest.

I didn't like the way it was looking, but I was running out of time. I dug out this picture of some wood.

I laid it over the top, and it didn't look so bad. I printed it out and framed it all nice, and I think it was alright. It wasn't exactly warmly received on the night, but still...

Just in case you lost interest at any point there, let us recap (you may have to click this to see the "animation"):

You may have noticed I've changed this blog so that the post headings come up in a lovely blue. This is to complement my new look website I made last week. Hopefully it's a bit more professional than the last version, with that silly silly sandwich. I cut out loads of less strong images and all of the card section, but I think it's better.
Have a look. Go on.


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